This site  The Web is the official website for Architectural Wood Products and Environmental Fire Science.  From local, exceptional custom cabinetry to worldwide Fuel Moisture Stick fire science solutions, we work with individuals and companies to provide custom solutions that fit your needs.
 With nearly 40 years of experience, professionalism and exceptional worksmanship are a given.  Our products speak for themselves.  Call or email us today to start creating something that speaks to you!

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Environmental Fire Science Solutions

Fire Science Solutions include products such as Fuel Moisture Sticks for fire danger assessment, as well as the Scales and Brackets needed for the application and measurement of moisture levels in the sticks.


Professional Custom Cabinetry

From commercial office cabinetry to residential kitchens, bathrooms, and more, we provide a variety of applications and solutions to any construction project.  You provide the vision and we provide the solution.