Our Environmental Fire Science product line includes fuel moisture sticks to measure forest moisture levels, scales for precise weight measurement in the field, and the brackets needed to appropriately apply the fuel moisture sticks in the forest ecosystem.

Fuel Moisture Sticks and Scales have withstood the test of time and remain unrivaled in their effectiveness in measuring changing forest moisture levels. 


Fuel Moisture Sticks:

Fuel moisture sticks are each carefully hand-crafted and assembled.  After going through a proprietary oven heat-treating process, they are packaged to maintain reduced moisture levels.

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Precision crafted fuel moisture stick scales are counter-weight balanced and battery free for use in the field when taking moisture level measurements.



Fuel Moisture Stick Brackets are used in the application of the sticks in the field.  When applied correctly, the brackets keep the fuel moisture sticks adequately raised above a bed of tinder.


Fuel Moisture Sticks - Build Process

From rough lumber to finely tuned moisture measurement device, the process of manufacturing Fuel Moisture Sticks includes specialized machining, manual assembly, and heat treating to get to the final product.  Many hands are involved in the end-to-end process, and a lot goes into each assembled stick to guarantee its effectiveness in the field.  Despite the work put into each packaged Fuel Moisture Stick, its design and concept is simple enough for easy application and use.  Even the Scales are designed to be elegantly simple and effective.

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